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Our solutions are focused on successfully attaining the project goals, and therefore also our client’s results, based on the methodologies, tools and criteria which we have garnered from our considerable experience, knowledge, and field work.

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Copper smelters and their preparation to meet the new 2018 Environmental StandardComo se preparan las fundiciones de cobre para cumplir la nueva Norma Ambiental el 2018

Copper smelters and their preparation to meet the new 2018 Environmental Standard

  We must to remind that in July of 2013, was made the Emission Standard for Copper Smelters and Arsenic emitters. What does it consist of this Standard?. The emissions ...


Our Story

  • RIPP Consulting was created in 2006 with a vision for developing a fresh new concept in consulting, breaking free from the rigid solutions and stale methods of yesteryear, and combining practical experience with acquired knowledge, to provide bold, attractive, and valuable solutions for our clients.
  • Our focus is on capital-intensive companies in the areas of operational management and maintenance, concentrating mainly on investment projects (both greenfield and brownfield), helping our clients to:
    – Maximize profitability throughout the complete life-cycle of a new investment, through implementation of the “Operational Readiness” concept, in order to ensure operational reliability.
    – Develop strategic thinking and strategic business models, for both new and existing projects.
    – Develop the logistics of these processes, right from the outset or in improving existing processes.

Our Philosophy

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)

– We believe that success in Operations and Business extends beyond the mere implementation of standards, models and practices.  Without a clear goal, the right culture, and the necessary passion, all efforts will be fruitless.

– Our solutions are focused on maximizing the use of assets, and the efficient and safe running of the operations and maintenance areas, keeping them aligned with the customer’s business plan, and transforming them into well-planned, proactive and forward-thinking units, that fully contribute to achieving the expected results.

– For investment projects, we deliver solutions for the development and management of operational and maintenance strategies, aimed at attaining “Early Operational Reliability”, which contributes to faster and smoother start-up, with earlier cash-flow generation, in order to reduce the exposure of our client’s investment to risk, throughout the entire economic development of their business.

Our Team

We are fully integrated and oriented towards the common goal of providing valued solutions that ensure our clients’ success. With this in mind, RIPP has assembled a team of skilled professionals, who are able to take full charge of projects, from initial conception through to final implementation.

Boris Paredes

Boris Paredes

General Manager and Partner

Electrical Engineer and Industrial Civil Engineer

Restless, generous, creative, always looking for challenges, gourmand, mountain lover


Ismael Oliva Ismael Oliva

Ismael Oliva

PhD (c)
Master of Business Administration MIT
Academic Universidad de Chile

Persevering, generous, cinephile, loves to travel, sportsman spirit

Marcia Araya

Marcia Araya

Operation Manager and Partner

Electrical Civil Engineer

Loves to travel, soul of an artist, creative, diligent


Rudy BarríaRudy Barría

Rudy Barría

Bussines Efficiency Specialist PMO, Diploma on SMO, Service Management and Bussines

Administration Computer Engineer

Travel, dance and Squash sport lover


Angelina IrairaAngelina Iraira

Angelina Iraira

Head of Administration and Finance

Auditor Accountant


Vladimir Vergara

Vladimir Vergara

Logistic Director MRO Chile

Mechanical Designer

Music collector, traveler, and lover of Carmenere


Freddy Paredes

Freddy Paredes

Specialist Consultant

Civil Industrial Engineer

Persevering, nature lover, I like folklore, admirer of my children


Aldo SolisAldo Solís

Aldo Solis

Intermediate Consultant

Mechanical Engineer

Jazz, nature and sport fishing lover


Mauricio Campillo

Mauricio Campillo

Control & Quality Project

Mechanical Civil Engineer

Sportsman, diligent, rigorous, and witty


Daniela VelosoDaniela Veloso

Daniela Veloso


Mechanical Civil Engineer

Observer, determined and dedicated


Sebastián ChandíaSebastián Chandía

Sebastián Chandía


Electronic Civil Engineer

Northern music lover, sportman with a positive way of thinking


Ángela OliverosÁngela Oliveros

Ángela Oliveros

Administrative Assistant

Business Administration Technician, Diploma of Payroll Management

Creative and organized person, likes to travel, know new places and listen to music.



We develop fully comprehensive solutions for our clients, tailored towards leveraging opportunities for improvement and achieving success throughout their entire economic cycles.


  • Definition / Optimization of organization
  • Training y career development Plan
  • Training
General direction of company strategies, financial strategies, Human Resources developing strategies, operational strategy
  • Taxonomy
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Lubrication
  • Procedures and instructive
  • Definition of parts and Tools
  • Confection of a strategy for transition from projects to operation
  • Definition of the organizational structure for transition and operations
  • Operational Strategy
  • Operational Plan
  • Handover plan from projects to operations
  • Conceptualization
  • Planning
  • Accompaniment
  • Activities coordination
  • Project outline confection
  • Commissioning guideline confection
  • Start Up Plan
  • Control of Pending Issues
  • Reliability assurance
Marketing / Merchandising/ Training
Planning / Change management control Program
  • Inventory
  • QA WMS
  • QA Process
  • QA Contacts
  • KPI - SLA
  • Design / Redesign of Warehouses
  • Design of logistic parks
  • Design CD
  • Improvement
  • Internalization
  • Externalization
  • Maintenance
  • Business process
  • Maintainability
  • Criticality
  • Taxonomy
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Lubrication
  • Procedures and instructive
  • Definition of parts and Tools
  • Risk analysis
  • Planning and prevention
  • Systems Implementation and KPI
  • Development and implementation of risk control
  • Procedures / Protocols / Standards
- Customize sections and systems
- Training

Technological Solutions
- Integration of control systems and supervision of the process
- Automation and control of industrial systems
- Re engineering of process and communication

KPI Management Platform

ECM: Livelink/Hammingbird/Documentum/SharePoint
New Business
- Impact evaluation
- Sustainability Evaluation

Implementation and/or Compliance of the Environmental Legal Frame

Management of passive Waste
- Evaluation of Passive Waste
- Integral management and control

Operation Following service

Operation Audit Service


  • We help our clients to achieve success in their business interests, operations, and new investments.
  • We believe that helping our clients simply means listening, and also abandoning the rigid “recipe-based” implementation of solutions.
  • Acceso Clientes

  • Teck QBTeck QB
    Los PelambresLos Pelambres
    Minera Esperanza
    Minera Escondida



    • BHP Billiton, OGP1: Development of the OGP1 Commissioning Plan, and definition of the strategy for operational transition.
    • BHP Billiton, OGP1: Supporting the development of chapter 15, “Transition to Operation”, for a new concentrator plant.
    • CODELCO: Development of the Commissioning and Ramp-up Plan for the Ministro Hales Division, (mine – crusher – concentrator – oxides and roasting)
    • CODELCO: Strategic consulting, PMO of the PMI for the EPCMO Oxide project, at the Ministro Hales Division.
    • CODELCO: Consulting for plant management, in Project Control, at the Ministro Hales Division.
    • Minera Escondida: Preparing chapter 15 of the DPS, and the Commissioning plan for ECT (Escondida Concentrate Transport)
    • BHPBilliton, OGP1: OR (Operational Readiness) Procedure Support Service and TAG Cataloging.
    • BHPBilliton, OLAP: TOP folder support for Comissioning stage.
    • OXIQUIM, TM Quintero: Technical Support for Comisioning and Star Up process of the new LPG line.


    • Minera Xstrata (Lomas Bayas): Analysis and Diagnosis, for the Superintendent of Mine Maintenance.
    • BHP Billiton Base Metals: “1SAP GAP Analysis”, which included Cannigton, Escondida, Cerro Colorado and Spence.
    • Minera Xstrata (Lomas Bayas): Operational reliability workshop.  Included coaching, workshop preparation, and facilitation.
    • Collahuasi: Maintenance Evaluation for the Superintendent of Mechanical Shovels and Drills.  Included strategy and action plan.
    • Collahuasi: Support for the implementation of the Action Plan for Improvement.  (Included spare parts review.)
    • Maricunga: Improvement of the KPI’s for plant planning.  (Included spare parts review.)
    • Barrick (Pascua-Lama): Technical and economic evaluation for internalizing construction equipment at Lama, road maintenance at Pascua, transportation of drinking water at Pascua, and heavy equipment maintenance management at Pascua.
    • Collahuasi: Training and Coaching of ERP Ellipse system.


    • The Pascua Lama project, Barrick: “Maintenance Strategy Modeling and Road Map”, for the mine and the plant.
    • Collahuasi: “Conceptual Modeling for Maintenance”.  Known as MCAC (the Spanish acronym for “Collahuasi Asset Reliability Improvement”).
    • Bechtel: Maintenance Analysis for the Escondida Phase V project.
    • Arauco S.A.: Preparing a strategic plan for the development of a new business model (including supply chain).


    • The Pascua Lama project, Barrick: Development of a Maintenance Strategy, for mine facilities and mobile equipment.
    • Minera Escondida: Maintenance strategy for the LSD (Laguna Seca Debottlenecking) project.
    • SalfaCorp: Preparation of the operation and maintenance manual for the Colbun S.A.’s coal handling plant at the Santa Maria Thermo-Electric Power Station, in Coronel.
    • The Pascua Lama project, Barrick: Development of the Maintenance Strategy for mine transportation and crushing equipment.
    • Minera Escondida: Assistence Service for the Maintenance Strategies in EBPE III Project.
    • Minera Escondida: Development of the Maintenance Strategies for the new line of concentrate in ECT (Escondida Concentrate Transport) project.
    • Minera Quebrada Blanca, TECK: Generation of Maintenance Guidelines and Maintenance Plans for dry area.


    • Bechtel: Maintenance and Reliability Review at the New Mine Truck Workshop building, and their new auxiliary buildings, for Minera Los Pelambres.
    • Bechtel: Project for Lifting Restrictions and Increasing Capacity, specifically in dimensioning maintenance for the analysis of operational bottlenecks, at Minera Los Pelambres, 175 ktpd.


    • Minera Los Pelambres – Bechtel: Truck Shop Maintenance Warehouse Layout Design.

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